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Annoying "update" feature causes emby to stop working...forever


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I have Emby Server on a Windows 2008 Server.  Auto update was turned on.  Things were running fine for a year if not years.  After a power outage, the server had to be rebooted.  After the server came back up, the Emby Server applet would not run on the server because it had been updated and that update requires .net framework 4.6.2.   Unfortunately, I can not update the .net framework to version 4.6.2 because my specific version of Windows 2008 standard is not supported by Microsoft's .net framework 4.6.2 or higher.  So I now have an interesting situation.  The emby server app updated itself out of working.   Now ain't that a peach?  What an update.  Update itself to not working.  Obviously, I am annoyed but could someone please help?  Ideally, can I just go back to whatever version of Emby there was before it required .net framework 4.6.2?  How do I get that version of Emby back on my Server so it could go back to working just fine like it had on this server for years?  I've paid money and I am an emby premiere member, so if that means anything sure would like a way to fix this issue without requiring that I buy a new computer and buy a new windows server upgrade and spend 20 hours upgrading computers and countless dollars in the process.  


Please help!

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We are not actively testing and supporting this, but what you can do is find the install folder and there's a .exe.config file. Change this line to 4.61:

<supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.6.2" />

Once you do that, the server should work for the most part. What I mean by that is if the server tries to use any 4.62-specific features, then those are going to fail. Also there were some .net framework defects resolved in 4.62, and as a result we've removed old workarounds that had to be employed. I've probably said too much because I think for the most part this will work fine. You may have to repeat the procedure after every update though.

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