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Change Request: Options for Grouping Recordings by Show


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DirectTV offered the option to group shows.  So say we have a busy month and aren't able to catch up on our shows it would group 4 weeks worth of a TV show under that title.  


With Emby the tile for each recording becomes really cluttered if you don't keep up your recorded shows


So basically say the show is Midnight, Texas and you have 4 weeks worth.


Have it work just like the TV category where you select the tile for the show then see all the episodes instead of 4 Midnight, Texas tiles scattered among 4 weeks worth of other recording tiles you haven't been able to watch yet.

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Not sure I quite understand you.


The grouping of episodes is already there under "Shows"


In web app, go to Recordings tab and scroll down to "Shows" section.


In F/ATV App it is Latest Shows from left menu


I have 659 "Judge Judy" to watch - all grouped together!  That will be one hell of a binge watch! :)





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You are correct in the webapp that does work.  I use primarily emby theater as it provides the best experience for use with a remote.

See the attached images.

Recording00 - what you see when you first go to recordings scrolled all the way to the right to get the more button.

Recording01- Page 1 of the endless scattered tiles

Recording02- Page 2 of the endless scattered tiles


This isn't as cluttered as it was last week we've been slowly whittling it down but I'm sure you can see the picture I'm trying to paint.  There were more pages than this but I didn't want to attach 7 images.





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