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Bug: Can't Navigate to Shuffle or Instant Mix within Playlist


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App Version 107 Orsay


TV: F8000 w SEK2000 (2014)


Problem:  After opening a Playlist or album Play All is set as focus, but when hitting the down arrow key the focus jumps to the right in the song or movie item list.  In order to select Shuffle you have to arrow down to about half way down your list (almost impossible with 2000+ songs).  In order to navigate to Instant Mix or the Favorite heart you must first go to the bottom of your Playlist and then back to the left.  Again, with over 2000 songs that makes it almost impossible to navigate to Instant Mix.  




1. Open Playlist or album

2. Press the down arrow (focus jumps to list on right)

3, Arrow back to the left and arrow down and focus jumps back to the right again.  This keeps repeating until you're far enough down list on right.


I'm able to duplicate this in the latest UWP app also (v140) using a keyboard or controller and scrolling down causes focus to jump to the right.  Instant mix isn't available until you first scroll all the way to bottom of list.

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With version 109 the problem of navigating down the list of menu options on the left of a playlist or music album is fixed, but is now occurring while pressing the up arrow on the remote while going up the menu list.  When navigating up while on "Instant Mix" the navigation highlight jumps to the right where the list of songs are and the only way to get to the menu items above Instant Mix is to then arrow back to the left and down from the top.



1. Open a playlist or music album

2. Navigate down to the Favorites heart using the down arrow on the remote

3. Navigate back up

4. Once you get to Instant Mix and press Up again the focus jumps to the right

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