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Emby Server Update?


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Installed version is


In the server manger overview is the message, that I should make an update to version in the Synology packet center.


But in the packet center, in the Emby app, no update is available?


This would be my first update since the installation....


Is this normal?



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For synology the updates will generally run 1-2 days behind. We hope to eliminate this delay soon. Thanks !

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Hello @@Huede82


It typically takes us a couple of days to package and test the releases for Synology, so they will always lag a little and we do our best to try and keep this to a minimum.


Releases can be a little slower when there are a rapid set of releases, for example as was with 3.18 and 3.19.


We'd already started building and testing 3.18, but before we finished 3.19 was released, but the main thing is that as best as we can manage, you will always get a release that works and is tested on the Synology platform.


The 3.19 release is now available, so you should be able to upgrade. Let us know how you get on...



- James

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