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Unable to Sync to new mobile


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I just recieved my newmobile, a Samsung A3 (2017) with Android 6.0.1

For some reason I'm unable to sync to this device.
It's stuck at 0%.

Attached are the logs of the server(latest version) and App(latest version).

I guess the problem is that the app cannot acces/write to the path, but I'm not able to manually enter the path in the app.





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That is exactly the problem. You need to use the picker in the app to select a path, you can't manually enter it. Try that.

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My "picker" remained empty for some reason. I tried that already.
After multiple installs/removals and reboots the "picker" finally gave my SD-card as option.

It is now working, thanks for the fast reply.

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2.9.32 is rolling out and supports offline browsing and playback. The feature is still very new so please make sure to leave your feedback and we will continue to improve it. Thanks !

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