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Display Images on the EHS for Virtual Folders


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Read through the forum regarding displaying images on the EHS for like Forecast or Movies by Genre and found something in November 2015 but nothing since nor was it very clear to me. So please help and assist with the following customization.


When adding libraries I can select background Logos, Primary Images and other images that will be displayed on the EHS in its proper place. I am using the most excellent Throg themes and everything seems to work except any images for the virtual folders. I have created under the metadata folder a folder GENERAL that has the subfolders for the libraries. You can see it picks up the backdrop for Forecast but does not display any image no matter what the name or format except just the Letters "Forecast"


Also in the Movies by Genre it does not show any backdrop or other images just the text and the category listing even though it can display images when moving to the recently added part as seen in La La Land.


This is how the EHS screen looks like for created libraries like TV Shows and it shows the logo as well as the details of an episode that was just newly added.



Episode details for recently added one



Plain Vanilla blank Forecast



Finally Movies by Genre


Plain Vanilla EHS display



Recently Added movie does display the Logo and other details.



I do have entries in the metadata/General folder but it does not show the images, is there anything else that I can try or is this a feature request?





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There are so few people using those specific customizations now that they just don't get much testing anymore.

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Are you saying that more and more people don't use the EHS anymore and rather just use a web app to start streaming content? Because I can understand the move away from the dedicated room and usage like a home theater setup, but that is what I use Emby for rather then the small portable devices that are being used and therefore some of the features do not get to be used to the extend that error or omissions show up.


However this is a simple setup most of the customization I do is done from the dashboard and the other settings on the server. When you add features like movies by genre.


Another question I know that on the server you can look at upcoming episodes of TV shows is there a way to get that as an entry on the EHS? Throg in his MB 2.6 themes has that free service working until today.


Getting close to liking my setup except those little niggles. Next is live TV setup and a client for the Roku.

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Most of our users now are on one or more of the other apps (Theater, Android TV, Roku, etc.) and the home screens on those devices are designed differently.  Those specific items/images only exist in EMC.


What you are trying should work but I haven't tried it in a while.  I'll have to check it out.

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