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Channels but no guide data with XMLTV


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I've been trying to configure pulling xmltv data using ZAP2IT. I am getting channel data, but nothing in the guide. 


I am running the perl script using 

perl zap2xml.pl -u drewtlo@emaildomain.com -p password 


The XMLTV file is being generated, and the channel mapping looks okay, so I'm not sure why my guide is empty.

I've attached my server log and xmltv file as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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Hi, it looks like you have schedules direct setup so it might be trying to use that. can you please remove schedules direct, then refresh the guide and see if the issue persists? If the issue persists please attach a new server log. thanks !

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Thanks Luke. I rolled back to Schedules Direct when I couldn't get XMLTV to work. I'll put XMLTV back tomorrow and generate a new log. Have a good evening :) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

The latest version of Emby Server for Mac has been posted. Apologies for the delay. Thanks !

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