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Realtime Monitoring not working


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Hi there,


i have setup a emby Server on a Raspberry PI2. At this Mooment all works fine, but the Realtime Monitoring is not working. I only use the emby Server for collecting my movies/TV-Shows.

The Movies are stored on my NAS and i have mounted the Directory on my PI2 over NFS.

The scan works fine but after i insert a new movie it does not appear in my Library. I wait 2 Hours but nothing. The i make a rescan and the new movie is there.

I have already mounted my Share as SMB but the same Problem.


Can someone help?





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Guess you have already done this but I need to restart my Emby server (Ubuntu) after I enable the library monitor on a library..

@@Luke maybe you could add a popup which advises a server restart after changing this setting.

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but unfortunately the real time monitoring in combination with new content notifications is still very buggy.

I'm being notified about "new added" movies I added days ago again and again, and the movies I actually just added stay quiet.

This behavior didn't change in the past months so I'm getting tired complaining about it, unfortunately, the alternative - an hourly library scan, produces problems, too:



So both ways don't work proper and I'd be really happy if one of them could be fixed :-)


thank you!

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