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Considering moving Server 2012 Essentials NAS back to a new Synology...


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If I move back to a true Nas:


1. How easy to install is the EMBY server port for the Synology?  Is it just an easy download from within the Synology package manager now?

2.  Is it just as reliable and feature rich as the "normal"  EMBY server for Windows OS?

3. How much of a delay between a new release of the Windows server app and Synology app is there?



Anything else I might forget to ask about that sets it apart or makes it a "lesser"  experience in any way on the Synology vs a Windows server?  The Synology I would likely get would be the upcoming 1817+.



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1. So easy that I can do it. READ the Synology Wiki and follow it step by step. It is very well written.

2. Very reliable and I don't think I ever use any features. I use the basics with no EMBY Premiere. The Premier has nothing that interests me. I am boring.

3. Server updates are reviewed prior to being pushed to us end users. The only delay would be if the reviewers are busy with real life.


If you swap over, be sure to not run scenes and subtitle scrapers on your initial scan or it will take forever based on your library size.

In fact turn OFF all scrapers and then set them up AFTER your initial scan with scheduled tasks.


This is all based on my novice experience.

Results may vary based on your experience.

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