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Emby Server - Playlist Video Channel (sync play like cytube)


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I would like to see like to see TV channel type functionality similar to cytube. Where you can create a 'TV station' playlist from videos in your library and people can join in to watch the same stuff that everyone else is watching. Like cytube it doesn't have to be 100% in sync.


On the surface it seems pretty simple, keep track of the current video in the playlist and where it would be in relationship to the start time. When a client connects start the client at that spot. When the video is done start the next one. If we could get that it would be great.


I looked through the developer api's and I got pretty lost on how you could even start something like this. So it might not be as simple as the description.


I think this would be a very good feature especially for premiere members since no other streaming platform I have seen has this kind of functionality.

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