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iOS App - Play back stops ~5 minutes before the end.


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While watching movies / episodes on iOS/AppleTV the play back works great till the last 2 - 8 minutes of playing, Once this happens the item that is playing no longer plays, if i move back and hit the Resume playback at time it still freeze and does not play the video, nor does it show any thing as "loading". It will also fail if i stop the episode and try to scrub through to the point it needs to play.


Logs are attached for the latest attempt, 


Web Player seems to work but I'll have to test when able to watch through while it encodes the video and see if its a FFMPEG.exe issue or something else.





Server System Info.txt

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Version 1.3.5 has been released and resolves this issue when used with the latest version of Emby Server. Please try again. Thanks !

Do you mean 1.3.4, as this is the version the app store just updated me too( dated 23rd April)?
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Thank you for checking up on this and taking the time to notify, when I get my system back online(in the middle of a desktop move and it's been down for a little time) but so far I believe it has been working


Thank you!

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