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Media scan taking days and still not finished


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Hi all,

I installed emby on a 414j a couple of weeks ago, and it is still scanning the library.

It's currently at approx 30%, i have no plug ins installed, and have disabled av etc on the has.

Any advice on how to get it to complete?

After a while it prevents me logging in to the server itself, to the point where i have had to reboot on occasion.

Currently it has been running for a week uninterrupted.


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My initial scan on my DS216 play took a while also UNTIL I turned off the chapter image and subtitle scrapers and started back over.


After my initial scan, about 24 hours, it was up and running as I thought it should be, I turned back on all of the scrappers, except theme music, and scheduled all of those for 2 am.


It works like it should now, as I prefer it to.


I had "about" 4TB of media.


It was frustrating and I also posted questions like yours.

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Hmmm, have switched everything off, still taking ages to run the scan, no scrapers running at all.

Also struggling to get the log file to post here.

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It's not the posting that's the problem, it's the getting the file from the server I'm struggling with, not allowing me to copy and paste it, need to borrow a pc from somewhere instead of a tablet i think.

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