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Live TV Guide (in ET) Channels out of order


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Hi folks,


I'm using ET pretty much exclusively now (have retired my WMC system), and one oddity is the LiveTV guide sorting order.


In settings, I've told it to sort by number:




But in the guide the listing order is jumbled.




How can I correct this?


Also, what is the best way to pare down the guide to just those channels that are relevant? I presume this would be at the server level... I get lots of channels that I would never watch and have no interest in them cluttering up my screen.


Thank you in advance!



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If you use hdhomerun you can disable it there if you type my.hdhomerun.com you should be able to select tuner and disable the channels that is what i did. Then you refresh the guide. You can also sort them by using metadata manager to sort them in the order you like.


Hopefully somebody else can help with the order because i can see that you selected the number order.

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I've set mine as favourites go to the top, only problem is the channels are still not in the order I want, be great if there was a way of moving the channels up and down manually


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