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Wierd Issue with Media Browser 2.x


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I am using Media Browser 2.X.  I go into Windows Media Center and the Media Browser selection is the current selection.  I press enter (OK) on my Rosewill Remote Control and Media Browser opens up.  This is where it gets wierd.  The "cursor" is highlighting the "Movies" selection waiting for me to hit "OK" to go into the movie area.  The "Movies" selection is flashing on and off as if I am holding down on the enter key.  The PC is also making the beeping sound like I am holding down the enter key.  This continues for an inconsistent amount of time and it will not move forward into the Movies area until it stops.  It does NOT only do this on his menu.  When it finally advances to the Movies area, it will continue to flash and beep in the movie area.  It does the same thing in the "Recorded TV" area.


I have changed remote controls and receivers and it doesn't help.


Any suggestions? 

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