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Hi, I would like to ask...

I have add some photos to emby and when I use Kodi Emby Photos addon, before every folder I have year 1969.

1969 Holidays

1969 Kids

1969 Work



Via web brovser I see only folders name.


Thanks :)

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I didn't think the Emby add-on for Kodi supported photos? 


To get my photos displayed in Kodi I had to manually add a media source SMB path to my pictures folder on the file server, like you would with native Kodi. 


What is the Photos add-on you are referring too ?

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If I go in to Picture add-ons area in Kodi it appears there is an Emby add-on for Pictures. 






After clicking on Photos as shown in the above screen shot it then does list my photo folders. 


I can confirm I don't have any year in front of the folder names as you reported you do.


Perhaps I can remove my SMB media source now then and create a favourite shortcut or something to the Emby Photos add-on. 

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Actually when using the Emby Photos add-on its pretty naff as you cannot change the skin view type. Well least not in the Estuary Mod skin I am currently using. 


When you go in to the Emby add-on Photos area, its just a basic list view and that's it, you cannot change that view.


But when using a native Kodi media source pointing to the SMB path of your photos folder, you can then use any views that your skin supports for your photos.


As you can see the Viewtype option is greyed out when in Emby add-on Photos.




My advice is to use an SMB media source to point to your photos folder instead.

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