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Music Playback - Invoke some similarity to WMC for All Music Playback


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I've been an Emby User since MediaBrowser v1, it has only gotten much, much, MUCH better.  It's replaced Remote Potato, and is getting very close for me to drop WMC and move to Win10 on my HTPC's.


One suggestion that I'd love to see would be more 'on the fly' ability to Play All/Shuffle All in the Music collections.  In the current layout, *most* of this functionality is available on *most* clients via the play all, shuffle all, and the Instant Mix options, and the ability to create a music playlist with all items. Unfortunately, the available 'quick' options are focused toward singular genres, artists or albums.  There isn't an apparent way to Shuffle All from the Songs View.


It would be great to see some options to directly go into a Play All or Shuffle All music situation directly from the Music Collection Home screen or even the primary home screen.  WMC is great at this; having a Play Favorites function from the Music ribbon that could be configured to play all music, and a consistent, contextual, "Play All" at the top of the Music Library screen.


Creating an All Music playlist and then updating said playlist every time music is added to the library is an extra step that shouldn't be needed.  (Maybe I'm missing a way to make an auto playlist that will always be populated with all available music???)


Not trying to make Emby into WMC, Emby is clearly better, and more functional in many ways, but I think implementing an option to easily jump into playing the entire music collection is much needed!


Thanks for considering!



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As this is being considered, it would also be nice to have the 'number of times played' used as an option for the instant mix of all music.  With a large music collection, there are songs I hear repeatedly and some I never hear.

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