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Local Trailers Issue


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Hi All,


I like to have a local trailer stored for each of the movies in my collection. But for some films although the trailer exists in the local directory Emby refuses to acknowledge it's existence.




As you can see above, "Zoolander 2 (2016).avi" exists in my movies folder as does "Zoolander 2 (2016)-trailer.mp4" which is the naming convention I have used for all my trailers for all files and seems to work for most.



Although Emby shows the option of a Trailer in the web interface, when clicked YouTube is loaded with the corresponding film rather than the local file.




As you can see from the JSON returned by an API call, Emby believes that the LocalTrailerCount is 0 when I believe it should be 1.


Refreshing the film does not force Emby to update the value, does anyone have any idea on why Emby is not recognising the local trailer and how I can get it to update the LocalTrailerCount?


Thanks in advanced


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Morning @@Luke,


Having now upgraded to 3.2.1 Emby is still not seeing some of the local trailers.

Emby thinks 113 Films are Missing Trailers
27 Films Actually Missing Trailers

I have run a Clean Database task and rescanned my library, is there anything else I can do?

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From the Python script here:




It counts the number of films that has the localtrailercount set as 0 and outputs that as the number of films Emby thinks are missing trailers, it then searches the directory for films missing a -trailer.mp4 and outputs the total as the actual number of films missing a trailer.

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