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Server 3.1 frequent crashing... MusicBrainz?


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I'm having an issue where my server becomes non-responsive (even connecting by http://localhost:8096). I'm having to restart the app when this happens.


I'm running server version


Looking at my server logs I'm seeing a ton of errors, most of them seem to be from MusicBrainz.  I've attached the logs in case someone can help out here.  Thanks.

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There's not much more to say...


I try to connect to my emby.  I get an error saying the server cannot be found (if using the web app, I get a "we're unable to conenct to the server, please ensure it is running and try again"  If I use my browser and connect direct to the server IP I get an erro, "Safari is unable to connect to the server".  If I look at my server, I can see the emby process using 100% CPU.  When I quit it and relaunch it everything goes back to normal for a day or so.


Server logs were attached to the first post.


The only action I've taken is to quit and relaunch the server.  This makes it work for a while.


Is there more info you'd like?  It doesn't seem like it from the KB you linked..


I believe I have a fairly straigt forward setup.  Mac Mini with 16 GB RAM.  Movie library has about 800 movies, TV library about 60 shows, and music library about 14,000 songs.  The music library contains my entire music folder, containing my iTunes library.  

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