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Cannot play transcoded media

Bernie V

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Hi guys,


I'm still using the old windows Emy app on my phone (Windows phone 8.1).

I can't play music files witch has to be transcoded to play on my phone.

As far as I can see, the transcoding went fine but the phone doesn't start with playing the media and on my phone screen I see the || (pause) of the track without starting.


I have test it with flac files and m4a files. Normally it has to be transcoded to mp3 to play on my phone.


See attachements for the logs.


Thanks in advance for helping me.




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hi @@Bernie V have you tried the emby web app? does it work there?


Hi @@Luke. With the web app does it work. With the Windows Phone 8.1 Emby app not. I suppose the transcoding was ok, see the logs in the first post.

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Try sending Scottisafool a private message (PM). I am not sure if he is still supporting the old windows phone or not. I really would suggest the web app. thanks !

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