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Plugin or theme to hide folders / collections


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Hi everyone,


Just curious if anyone knows of a plugin or a way to hide certain folders at the home screen.

I like / need the folders view.

If there's a way to drop a user into that on home screen that would be ideal.

And then if there was a way to hide the collections group then I'd have the setup I'm after.


I have a folder with a whole bunch of kids shows and viewing it in folder mode things look beautiful.

Unfortunately when the kids login to emby they get to the home screen and don't realize they should click the folders button.

They just click on the kids shows media folder and then it just looks like an unorganized mess and they don't want to use it.


If there was a way I could setup a macro or something so that when my kid's user ID logs in it takes them to the folders view immediately that's what I'm after.


If anyone can think of way to accomplish something like that I'd love to hear your ideas.



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