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Question about user settings


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In my library I have different libraries which were always showing at the start of Emby Theater and HTML.

I keep all the collections in a separate library, all the movies without subtitles in a separate library, all the mini series in a separate library etc. etc.

Now everything is thrown again into two libraries: movies and tv. Not very easy with a big library.

I already found that i can switch on the show folders option. But this is more work and doesnt look as good as it used to.

Do I need to go back to a previous version and stop updating?

Because this seems to happen every few months.




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Sounds like you're grouping media into views.  Click the user icon in the web UI > select Home Screen > make sure you don't have checks kn the boxes under the My Views section.

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I've been checking all the options under the dashboard over and over again and couldn't find it anywhere.

Because it was changed on the Desktop but also on my laptop and phone I never thought of the user settings.


Thanks guys, 


Now I can find everything again (and also looks much better)



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