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Server - Media treatment after/during scan


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PLEASE, PLEASE! create some new feature that allow us to do some transformations to media files:



A ) during media scan

B ) on it's own scheduled task



-- Examples of quick ffmpeg transformations:

A-1) Removal of internal subtitles (be it leaving or not specific languages)

A-2) Removal of static images

A-3) Removal of Descriptions, Dispositions, Titles, etc...

A-4) Insert/Update of Video Title metadata (based on Movie name or Episode title)


-- Examples of slow ffmpeg transformations:

B-1) Convert VIDEO to specific codec (ex: libx264, most compatible)

B-2) Convert AUDIO to specific codec (ex: aac, most compatible)

B-3) Limit Video bitrate (Ex: max 2500k)

B-4) Limit Audio bitrate (Ex: max 192k CBR)



If it would be possible that media would appear ONLY after all necessary treatments, it would be perfect.



Of course... any of the parameters above (codecs, bitrates...) would be customizable by the admin

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Devs, do you need that a minimum number of people agree to the feature so it gets implemented? Because I'd make some effort asking around...

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@@anderbytes This is a great idea. Currently I manually export forced subs, remove other languages than german etc. using MKV Optimizer ( http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/mkv-optimizer-entfernen-von-nicht-ben%C3%B6tigten-audiospuren.118273/ )... This implementation would make lots of this needless.


if it was my request I would also add this :D


A-1Part 2) Export internal subs with a specific language and/or forced flag before removal

A-6) Removal of audio tracks with specific language

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I actually just posted this too I have a separate server to transcode my files it would be cool to permanently do it after first play

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well we've added post-processing for recordings so it's always possible to add the same feature based on other events.

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