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How do I fix wrong metadata and wrong artwork?


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I upgrade to MB3 Media Browers Classic from an older Media Browser. Mostly having problems with T.V. shows like the The Office (American), it has never downloaded the artwork.


But with MB3, it still didn't download artwork or most but did downloaded a lot of incorrect episode names, artwork and descriptions for some. I manually deleted files out of the folder where the movie resides but that didn't change anything.


Where can I fix this and how can I set it to grab the correct metadata and artwork. I label all episodes in this fashion - Show/Seasons/S01E01.


Any help would be appreciated. Love the new design!

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The KB forum out here has some very good tutorials.  The screens will look a little different because we've changed styling but the basics are the same.  The web client has a full metadata editor build into it.



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I have been looking at emby for a possible replacement for plex

Everything works very well mostly except for an issue of a series called The Blacklist

Emby keeps labeling it as Blacklist - a Japanese series I think and shows all the artwork for that series.

Plex has a feature to correct this by changing the key information and having it search the database again - I cannot find such a feature in emby - am I missing something?

Thank you for your help


I found the solution - it's called Identify - and works perfectly!

Great product!!!

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I found the solution
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Hi, is this the series?

If you want this to match automatically try having the folder labeled

The Blacklist (2013)

That worked for me.  However Emby has other things you can do as well to help "force" the choice. Emby supports meta-data ID tags in the file or folder names. Here's an example for a movie:

Alone (2020) [tmdbid=509635]

Besides handling this with a folder ID tag you can also do this right from the UI. Click on the "More" button shown above and choose the Identify option.

From here you can search by Title and Year or you could supply a meta-data ID if you know what it is.


Hopefully that helps you out for ID purposes.

Let us know how you make out.


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