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EmbyTV set up... How to schedule recordings?


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Hi all,


I finally got a DLNA compatible HDHomeRun (an Extend, for OTA), so now I want to experiment with Emby doing some recordings. Up to this point I've used WMC to do the recordings (using my older model HDHRs).


So, I added my tuner in the server Live TV Setup, got a Schedules Direct account set up and set in the server... now what?


Is there a guide for setup? My main motivation, other than moving gradually away from WMC, is to use technology other than WMC to do the recording. I have always gotten random glitches in my recordings with WMC that I don't see on those same tuners when watching live.


So, what are the next steps to getting this going? I haven't yet found a guide. Sorry if I missed something obvious.





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At this point I think we are the ones who have failed if you're unable to locate how to use Live TV. Are you not seeing a Live TV guide menu option in the web app?

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<enter sheepish mode>


I was in the screen which was basically Emby configuration, Manage Server, and was on the screen that shows when you highlight Live TV.  In that view, there's no obvious way to get to the TV schedule to program a recording.


After seeing your note, I reopened the Emby configuration, and at that essentially Home screen, clicking the upper left corner icon brings up the list of media options with Guide prominently displayed right under Live TV.


Sorry, I should have known to look there. That's where media is.


Yea! I am looking forward to experimenting with this, this week.


Thanks again for your prompt help. You always do such a great job responding to posts! Thank you!



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