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Files I could direct play no longer play and won't transcode.


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I have multiple video files that used to direct play or direct stream just fine and now it is attempting to transcode these videos and seems to not even be able to start the transcoding. Emby log Points to a stream.mkv that isn't being created. Regardless I don't want transcoding. I don't understand why these videos that were once flagged as supported for direct play are now saying unsupported. This issue seems to coincide with a recent server update. I have attached my server log, ffmpeg-directstream log, and the media info for one of the video files no longer playing.


Any help in getting this sorted out would be great.




Mission - Impossible - mediainfo.txt

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That ffmpeg log is from an attempt to play an online trailer that is no longer there.


Well I disabled Cinema Mode and one of the videos that wouldn't play is now playing. So I'll check on the other videos that were having problems. Not sure why I'm having issues with cinema mode. I have been using that for sometime and haven't had any issues.

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