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Steps to transfer emby from one Server to another


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In the process of updating my Emby server hardware.  Changing from an old PC to a Newer model.  Dont want to, loose all the info I currently have configured in Emby.  Is there some documentation as to what folder/files need to be moved to allow for a server transfer from one machine to the new machine?



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I recently completely re-installed Windows 7 to a SSD (previously an old hdd) and, after Windows was running, I just copied the whole emby.windows directory to the SSD. With around 20k TV episodes and films the size is just around 3GB. Of course, I made sure that my media files are all accessible under the same path as in the previous windows installation.  

Worked flawlessly for me.

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Do you/have you been using the server backup plugin?  That is the first step.  I personally had mixed reviews in actually utilizing it, but keys are going to be to keep folder/drive structure similar.


I am not aware of any documentation of what needs to be moved, but your keys are going to be your metadata folder, the server configuration backup, for almost a complete backup, the user/appdata/roaming/emby-server folder has almost everything.


The cache folder I wouldn't take/copy, as that can all be created on the fly.

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