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Merging ImagesByName\People with Metadata\People


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After migrating to new hardware, I was intending to merge my ImagesByName\People folder to the new Metadata\People folder (as it was more complete having used Radeons IBN People downloader tool).


However, I have noticed that their is a format difference; ImagesByName is organised as:




whereas Metadata\People is organised by alphabetic sub-folder:


Metadata\People\A\<Name> ... etc


Are both formats supported in which case I can safely merge as is.  If not I will need to reorganise ImagesByName\People before merging - ideas as it is 20GB in size?.  Alternatively I can run Radeon's tool against the Metadata\People folder assuming his tool supports the new folder format and it is safe to do so (I have put a request in the Tools forum)

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Thanks ebr.  Came to the same conclusion after doing further research research. It has an alphabetic sub-folder ImagesByName\People\A\<name> ... but also has folders ImagesByName\People\<name> ....  It is from way back 2010 and it was 20Gb in size!


I am using scripts to see if there is content I need to salvage and then I will scrap it and save the 20Gb SSD space.

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