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Feature Request: Movie naming

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I was thinking it would be a good feature to change the way Emby is naming movies when they are recorded.


From: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (long alpha numeric character string).ts


To: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1941).ts


The year information is available in the metadata.


What do you guys think?


Thanks for reading and considering!


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We already do this when the program is flagged as a movie and when the guide data provides the original release year.

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Okay thanks. I have never seen Emby do this which is why I asked about it.


This is the release version?


I believe that these movies are being identified as movies in the guide as they are shaded purple but I have not seen any years being promulgated in the program detail page.


I am seeing the year info in WMC (using Schedules Direct guide info) so I am sure it is available.


I attached some screen shots of what I am seeing.


This is Emby 3.0.8300


Am I not configured properly? Missed a step?


Thanks for reading and any help!









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