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Xbox 360 on DS214Play


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Just wondering how other users using Emby with their 360?


I set Emby up on my sisters X1 using the app as a front end, and it works a treat - but I was wondering about the possibility of using the old 360 in a different room.


We tried DLNA - but it just could not find the server at all (confirmed DLNA was on and working by briefly looking at the X1 media player app and it was there)


Read the forums a little and seems I need a to install a plugin for Windows Media Centre - https://emby.media/emby-for-xbox-360.html but I don't think I can install that on the Syno Nas.


Tried using the iPhone and 'play to' (I think that is it) but it was stuttering and frequently pausing - mainly due to transcoding I think as the processor on the NAS was peaking at 99%


So yeah, just curious if I am doing this right?




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If a device cannot play the file natively, then the Emby server will have to transcoded the file on-the-fly. So when you used your iPhone to 'play to' your ds214 started transcoding it. This model of nas is underpowered to perform the transcoding smoothly.


If you have a PC with windows media centre you can set this up so the 360 is an extender, although you would need the pc to be powered on & this machine would perform the transcoding to the 360.


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