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Idle display when music is playing.


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I'm listening through the Divinity: Original Sin via Emby Theater for Windows music on my secondary monitor while playing a game on my primary monitor. After a while of inactivity, it starts showing stuff. It just now started doing this:

-Meet the Press


-Beach Boys

-Lethal Weapon

...and so on...


At first I thought, "that is cool" but over time, it has started to kind of annoy me. Why? Because none of this stuff displaying is relevant to what is playing! There's two basic elements that are necessary:

1) Don't stop showing what is playing.

2) Change the background to:

2a) Something directly related to what is playing like photos associated with the artist, album, or song. Case in point: I have 27 albums by Michael W. Smith. If a song of his is playing, simply cycling through them would make me travel through memory lane.


2b) Music visualization (oscilloscope, loudness, frequency, etc.) of what is currently playing. Kodi had a decent 3D one included with it.


2c) Dynamically create something related to all of the music in the library. Here's an example of Zune (the individual album pictures spin to | with a black background and a new one fades in in its place):



2d) Fan art or, in the case of game music, screenshots! 'Nuff said! XD

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