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Allow users to mark interest in series


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I like how Emby keeps track of watched status on a user basis. I think it would be great to expand this. This is pretty complicated so I'll try to break it down by areas...




-Allow users to mark if they're interested in a series.

-Allow users (this would require permissions) to lock a series so it can't be deleted until someone clears the lock. A reason for locking would be if it's a recording or series the user doesn't want accidentally or systematically deleted.



-Allow users (this would require permissions) to lock an episode so it can't be deleted until someone clears the lock.



-Next to the recording symbol (or when you open info on the program itself), show icons of who is interested in the program so if it gets bumped or canceled, you can easily see who would be disappointed.




-Add a timer (disabled by default) to clear watched episodes. This goes through everything that doesn't have a lock on it and if everyone that's interested in it has watched it, it deletes it.



-It would also be nice to have a rule on the above timer to only delete episodes over a specific number of days old. I would default this to 30 days.

-Allow admins to check/uncheck user interest in each series/program, delete series/program timers, and add/remove system locks. This should be very similar to "Series" in the web app already but with more options horizontally. I suppose you could add this functionality there too but permissions based on what users can edit.


General (not a category, just in general):

-If the storage media runs out of space, you can use this information (interested, watched, locked, as well as the age of the recording) to determine what recordings should be deleted first to make room for new recordings. The first thing to delete would be the oldest, unlocked, watched, with no one interested in watching it.




In conclusion: it's hard for admins to figure out who watched what to know what is safe to get rid of without asking individual users. Emby should be able to help admins clean up old content that won't be missed.

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