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Kids night time suggestion


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I am looking for a way to shuffle episodes of a certain TV show but have it stop after a certain amount of time...


 At the moment I am using a FireTV and at night I pick whatever cartoon TV show the kids would like to watch. Then I hit the shuffle all episodes button, put the TV on a timer, and let it roll...


 My issue is that it just plays and plays all night. Even though the TV is off it is still rolling through episodes. What ends up happening is that sometime in the night, the emby-server will crash, and I have to do a restart the next morning.


Does anyone have a better way for me to do this?

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First, we should investigate why your server is crashing.  But do that in a separate thread in the server forum.


You could create playlists with a certain number of episodes in them.  Then you could shuffle the playlists and play them.


Use the "Add to Queue" button on the episode screens and then go to the video queue (in continue watching row) and you can shuffle and play from there as well as save the list for use again later.

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