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ASS subtitles causing video to be transcoded


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Today I noticed that some episodes my wife was watching in ET were all transcoding instead of Direct Playing.


It turned out that the only thing making them transcode was the fact that they had external ASS subtitles. I converted the subs to SRT and (after a rescan) the video now direct plays.


Considering that the subs in both cases are being rendered by XySubFilter why is it transcoding?


This displays in the log when ASS subs exist:

  • isEligibleForDirectPlay: False, isEligibleForDirectStream: False


But after changing them to SRT this displays:

  • isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True



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Not sure when it was fixed, but videos with external ass subs are now direct playing instead of being transcoded.

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