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Recorded TV Closed Captions stopped working. in Android app and Server


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I've noticed that closed captions in recorded TV are no longer working in the Android App, Emby Server but do work in Emby Theater. Up until around 6 weeks ago these were working in every client perfectly. I run NPVR between my tuners and Emby and it has always displayed closed captions both in recorded TV and Live TV.

As I haven't seen any other reports on this I'm assuming that it is only in my setup. I'm about to to do a clean install of Win 10, but thought i'd ask first.

I need closed captions to work everywhere as my wife has hearing difficulties and needs subs and closed captions.

Let me know what else I can provide to try and fix this.

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Hi Luke


Here's more info including Logs for Server and Android:

All logs were cleared prior to playing a few minutes of recorded TV and for this test i set subtitles to always play.

Window 10 Pro Version 1607 (anniversary)

Latest Beta Server: 

Latest Android Beta: 2.7.93


Let me know if you need anything else.

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After selecting a TV program that I have recorded It will play perfectly but when I select Subtitles, no subtitles are displayed.

This is only occurring in Emby Server itself and the Android App. In Emby Theater choosing subtitles will display the text at the bottom of the screen during recorded TV playback.

I get the same behavior whether I select: Always play subtitles or Only forced subtitles.

Subtitles in movies and TV series are unaffected, they all work.

Until about 6 weeks ago subtitles were working in all clients.

I have an Open Subtitles account and have the server set to download English.


The way I understand it, subtitles in Live TV streams are embedded, so are different from my Movie and TV Series, which are external and are stored in my media folders.

In NPVR when I choose to see subtitles while watching recorded TV I click on Subtitle Stream: DVB Subtitles [ eng, Hearing impaired ]

I'm not sure what else I can add.

I hope this helps.

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