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Windows Phone 8 Client - Boxset handling


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My Windows Phone 8 MB Client appears to respond differently to my folder naming convention that the main MB client.


I have TV shows organised as follows:


Battlestar Galactica [boxset]

      Season 1

          1x01 - 33.WMV

          1x02 - Water.WMV



This works well on my Windows 7 Media Center client, which correctly navigates the structure


On the Windows Phone 8 client, the [boxset] folder is ignored, resulting in lots of otherwise unnamed entries for shows called 'Season 1', 'Season 2' etc.


The TV shows that navigate correctly in Windows Phone 8 are the ones where I didn't add the [boxset] suffix on the top folder.


Any ideas?

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Boxset is primarily intended for movies, it's not required for TV. Is there a particular reason you're including it?

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