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I have a playback issue of very bad quality. Most of my video's are MP4 as of this one with the bad quality. I am currently with Emby Server Version 3.0.7100.0. With the latest WMC edition. 


My server is a HP xw4400 Workstation Core2Duo 8 gigs of memory. Running WHS 2011. Task Manager shows using 2.5 gigs of memory and pushing CPU at 80% with ffmpeg using majority of the process. While showing the movies the transcoding stays ahead of the movie at 57 fps.


WMC is a Dell 7040 i5 4 gigs of memory with 128 m2 ssd. Which it does not buffer.


As well as the fast forwarding to differ scenes only restarts the movie, cannot advance. This only happens on certain movies this is one.


Is MP4 native? If So why the transcoding? 


Path Substitution is set correctly within the Server.



FFMPEG Log 9.18.16 2.25.txt

Server log.txt

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And are you positive those locations are accessible from the Windows user running EMC?


Can you post an EMC log when playing one of these items?

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It is definitely transcoding/streaming.  The only way it does this is if a File.exists operation on the path fails.  Are you 100% positive your  path substitution is correct?


What happens if you setup a new test library that points directly to the UNC paths instead of using path substitution?

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They actually performed better than others. Created another Test Folder gave that user only read permissions to the share. Everything Populated and got the same results... So with that said I am 100% sure the directories are correct within the path subs. With the test folder and an existing non continuing series folder, not shown in path substitution. The only thing I can think of is, could it be a issue with path of bundles in collection folders?


Test folder is \\server\test folder\movie


ex. \\server\videos\collections\movie


Included are all the logs I tested with that new folder. Also the ones that were not included in Path Subs.


On a side note I tested Emby Theater on the same machine, and I did not have that issue. I was actually impressed with it, especially being able to use my WMC remote within the app.





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I have decided to go with Emby Theater on the machine having the issues. WMC would not stream over wireless easily, but Theater would.

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