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Live TV crashing? Emby server running on QNAP


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Hi there,


For a while I had issues with Live TV not working first thing in the morning but then starting again later in the day.  This went away and it has been very reliable until one or two releases ago when this issue returned.  Originally to resolve the issue I stopped using the 64bit build on QNAP and began just using the 32bit one.  This seemed to make it stable.  I do not use the Emby through the store on QNAP I follow the community thread and download the latest releases as they are delivered, normally within a few days of an actual release announcement.


This morning this happened again and I resolved to try and check it out after work.  Of course when I did all was fine again and it was working.  I accessed the HDHomerun that provides the channels to check it out and found some new channels that I decided to test.  This was going okay until one of the new channels disagreed with Emby.  All stopped and I had to abort the Win 10 Emby theatre app to get control back.  Subsequently however the LiveTV function is not working.


The work around is go into EMby and shut it down.  Go into QNAP and close it.  Restart Emby in Qnap.    Just did this (noticed I had 3.0.6400 and 3.0.7100 is now available which it wasn't when I did the last upgrade)  Did that and bingo working again.


I've now damaged my own experiment by upgrading so I won't press for help but I will ask what are considered to be the best steps I can take to troubleshoot this?  Should I snap daily logs or is there something else that would help if this update does not resolve.

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