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Auto Box Sets



Automatic Box Sets will create box sets (collections) for all the movies in your library that are associated with collections on TMDb.


How it works


Auto Box Sets works by creating new entities in your file system that are recognized by MB as box sets (also called collections in other products) and linking them to your actual movies using the new "Collections" facility built into the server.


This will then create these box set entities for you in Media Browser and they can be accessed by any of the clients.  These new collections will be created in the automatic "Collections" media folder visible from any client and editable from the metadata editor.


The plug-in relies on the MB Server metadata fetching.  It will only work fully if you have "Allow Internet Providers" turned on.




The only configuration is to tell the plug-in how many of the containing movies must exist in your collection for it to automatically create that collection.  The default is 2.  This keeps you from having a bunch of collections with only one movie in them.


When combined with the ability to automatically collapse your movies into collections (box sets) in the client apps, this should give you a very hands-off way to see all your content organized into collections.





The plug-in isn't creating any box sets


  1. Be sure the configured minimum number of movies is reasonable. 
  2. Be sure your movies that should be in box sets contain the TMDb collection id


The plug-in isn't creating some box sets that I think it should


  1. Be sure the movies in this collection have a TMDb collection id.
  2. Be sure you have at least the configured minimum number of movies in this collection within your library


Some of my box sets are showing up twice


  1. If you manually created folders with the old [boxset] tag or with collection.xml files in them then you need to remove these.  This plug-in is designed to automatically generate these folders for your entire library.  You don't need the manual ones anymore.  If you want custom collections, you can use the server's facility to create them now.


I am seeing a box set called "MB Auto Set" in my library


  1. Confirm the metadata for the movies that are showing in this set have a valid TMDb collection id.  TMDb recently removed a lot of box sets that existed on their site previously and, consequently, there are a lot of items that may now have invalid ids associated with them.  Delete the invalid TMDb collection Id from these movies and then re-run the box set creation using the button on the config page.


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