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Setup - Location of recorded TV and auto convert


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Hauppauge WinTV Dual-HD (WinTV8 and latest drivers)

NextPVR v3.7.7

Server 3.1.6094.3363 - (recordings were done on previous dev version last night)


I am experimenting with recording Live TV


The recording is fine via Emby and the resulting .ts files are recorded fine and play well


My problem is that they are saved to the directory location i set up in NextPVR rather than in the directory i specified in Emby server under LiveTv>settings


The recordings were setup via Emby and the saved files appear in Emby>LiveTV>recordings page as you would expect - so Emby knows they exist


Because they are not in the Emby recording directory they are not converted to mp4


So is this as its supposed to work or is there an issue here - i could point NextPVR to the same directory as Emby is expecting the recordings to be recorded to and would probably solve the issue (not tested yet).


If thats the case why have the option to specify three different directory/sub directory locations under LiveTv > settings ?


Anybody else seeing this?

Have i missed the point?

Doing it the wrong way?





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Ah - do you mean that they only work with the Homerun/m3u option?


If so thats fine but maybe the descriptions on the server should highlight this to be clearer and differentiate between what applies to what?


As some settings on that page do apply e.g. Default Padding and EPG days download etc

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