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Remote access stops working every other week


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I've noticed an odd occurence with my emby server. Which is running on Ubuntu server 16.10. It seems fine for days, then suddenly you can't connect to it remotely via the app or web. It says server may be offline. Well, if I log into the server from home, it shows as being active for a week or two weeks, for example. If I try to select the remote link in the manager server window however, it won't come up. But, of course, the service shows up locally no problem. I've tried finding anything in the logs, but nothing seems out of place. I've been into my router and nothing is seemingly blocking those ports. I just am at a loss as to why the remote access decides to drop every so often. I could be watching it on break at work for days, then suddenly, it's unavailable.


Any ideas where I can go with this? It seems restarting the service fixes it.

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