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New Setup Help: NAS within Ubuntu server vs independent NAS; Docker vs VMs


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I'm as green as you can be for a linux user but eager to learn. I'm also a general newbie regarding setting up media servers. I just upgraded my PC so I can finally start a home server setup.  :)



+TV live streaming (ota)

+Local/remote media streaming

+..possible web hosting in the far future



+AMD Phenom II x4 955 

+...other leftover pieces


I'm trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages....

  1. Should I use my Ubuntu server as a NAS with something like SAMBA or should I just grab my buddies QNAP NAS? Is there something better than SAMBA?
  2. What setups/apps should I be considering for backing up my drives on my NAS?
  3. My sense from reading is there's a preference for dockers over VMs since you can share OS resources. Assuming I'm using my Ubuntu server as a NAS...What would my docker setup look like? Would I have a separate container for NAS, emby server and web hosting. Which container would I keep apps like Sonarr? 

I'm still confused how all these pieces fit together let alone listing out everything I need. :)


Any kind of information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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