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Request was denied for security error


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I was impressed a few months ago when I could connect to my Emby server outside my network using the Android App, even though I had a self-signed security certificate.

However, about a month (or so) ago, after an update it stopped connecting, and came up with "Request was denied for security error". I had thought it was the update which stopped connecting, but today I mentioned this to a friend who uses his Android to connect in the same way, and his works fine. Only obvious difference was he has a Samsung S7, and I have a Meizu M3 Note. See version details below. I don't even get to the login screen before it comes up with the security error. I can login, and choose my server, but it doesn't connect and I get a message "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again."


FYI I am a premier user and am on the Beta program.


Emby Android App Version: 2.7.42

Emby Server Version: 3.1.95

Android Version 5.1

Phone: Meizu M3 Note


FYI I can connect to the server using the Chrome browser on my phone.



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Hi ytzelf,

Yes looks like the same issue. Glad I'm not the only one! :-) I'll follow your thread also... hope we can get this fixed.

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As reported on the other thread, I just reinstalled Webview app and Emby worked remotely! Asked to accept the self-signed cert then connected. So looks like my issue is sorted. Cheers Guys.

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