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tabs and arrow keys on start screen


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On the start screen in the Windows app, to get started, I first have to use the tab key to get to the one of the selections, usually 'select server', then use arrow keys to move to the correct server, then press 'Enter'. Can this be harmonized to be simply the arrow keys? I'm asking this because a) could initially only use a mouse as I couldn't see any other way to get started til out of frustration went through all the keys on the keyboard - even then had to press tab multiple times before I saw the focus change B) can't think of any other media system that uses tabs to move around (Kodi, Mediaportal, iPlayer), hence wasn't looking for that c) therefore TV/PC remotes don't normally have an option for a tab, just arrows.


So although I can start Emby from the sofa, I have to always go to the mouse or keyboard to get off the start screen, then return to the sofa to carry on - it doesn't look good to the wife...


If the tabs system can't be changed, could the start screen be made to load with the focus on the last server, so a simple 'Enter' (or up/down to select a different server)?

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