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Playback issue since upgrade


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Been using Emby for a while now with out any problems or issues - which is nice! So this is my first post. Want to say that it's a cracking bit of software which really works for our family - a few kids, a few device and less arguments!!


Running Emby on OpenMediaVault NAS and upgraded through the web ui after shutdown the service first.


Current version server is 3.0.5985.0

OpenMediaVault version: 2.2.5 Stone Burner


Also run a system upgrade at the same time and I believe this updated Mono to


After the playback issues presented I backup the installation using the Backup plugin then uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled. 


Attached both Server and Transcode Log as ZIP files.


Tested video playback on Web UI, Samsung TV (2015 model) via DLNA, Samsung Tablet via App and playback is smooth for 15 seconds and then jumps or the image gets corrupted then freeze.


I have SAMBA providing path substitution on the single library that been added, I can access and play media from it with no issues - used VLC


Music file seems unaffected


Hope that's enough information and sorry if I posted in the wrong bit of the forum.







Log - Transcode.zip


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Hi, I would try reverting back to mono as we've seen some issues with mono 4.4.1. Thanks.

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