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maintenance from in house ratings on the report page


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first let me say that emby is an incredible piece of software and I'm so thankful for the day I found it. thank everyone who has contirbuted in bringing it to what it is today.

I've been using emby for many years now and have compiled terabytes of videos. as you can imagine, this many videos sometimes needs some maintenance, adjustments, and occationally deletions.

here is an example of one specific task that I would love to see implemented ...

most of the users, associated with this emby system, use a roku3, android phone, and linux computers (in that order of priority). it would be amazing for them to be able to rate a video after watching it. from zero to five or ten (would perfer ten). like an in house rating. then later, when I'm making system wide adjustments, pull a report (on the report page) of all videos rated 0, by all (or more than two) users, with an option to select individually or all videos to be deleted (or any other task needed). it would be nice to be able to select, adjust, and/or delete on the same report page. this example makes it so that I can remove videos that nobody likes and no longer wants to watch again. zero seem to be the right fit for deletion :) this page would give the final say on whether the selected (0 rated) video would stay or be deleted.

hopefully this example gives you an idea of the maintenance task being requested. their may be others who are looking and/or desire a way to manage this type of task within emby as well.

thank you for your time.

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thank you ebr for the reply.


I read the linked post and would be fine with a like/dislike (and ok) feature. I need something to help manage this large library.


we already can go in (as administrators) and add community ratings and other ... why not just tie that (or one of the others) into the more section?


those who want to use it can and those who don't well then theirs no worries :)


I've attempted to get all users to rate the movies elsewhere but who's going to take the time? It just seems easier to do some kind of rating after watching (if they want) and it would help greatly on the admin site for maintenance.


please consider adding this feature

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I totally agree with trstone!


I would love Emby and would like to see that feature on it. I also have lots of users that would like to rate and it would be great for me to decide whether to keep a movie or not.


"Please consider adding this feature"



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