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"After the Show" optional automatic queueing


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I've used the cinema mode's automatic pre-show trailer settings before. And I've seen the settings for theme songs, but have never wanted to try that.


Similar but different, and growing in popularity are after-the-show special talk shows. Like Talking Dead and After the Thrones. If there was a setting near cinema mode to auto queue these specials, we could specify which show we want to follow up The Walking Dead by typing the IMDb/tvdb code or otherwise link the after-show. Then the queueing features would work identically to existing ones, like showing the "next up" info 30 seconds or whatever before your show is over.


Then proceed into the after party. Auto queue would parse the specified supplementary show for an episode with the same premiere date (+ one day for flexibility on 11pm TV shows and 12am after shows).


If enabled it should warn users if their desired after show is missing before starting the main program.

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I think most of us just either don't have these kinds of videos or aren't used to it. i'd give it a little more time to see if others command this picks up steam.

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