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Coming Soon: All-New Revamped SoundCloud Plug-In


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For me, SoundCloud is one of my favorite sources for music content. I love digging through its content and following connections between SoundCloud users. Having this content available within Emby would allow accessing it even from situations where you got nothing more than a remote control at hand.


The existing SoundCloud channel plugin apppeared to be of rather low value to me. Personal information (with login) was limited to playlists and the implementation was subject to quite a few bugs and issues and hasn't been updated to accomodate the API changes at SoundCloud.


At this point I decided to update and extend the existing code a bit --- and ended up with an almost complete re-write.


In the following posts I'll describe what's new...

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Login status and credentials handling


  • The plugin settings page will now display the login status:



  • When saving credentials those are checked upon saving
  • New credentials are effective instantly. Previously a complete restart of Emby server was required.
  • When Emby is started and is unable to login to SoundCloud, a notification is created (see red circle "3" in previous image)
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Accessing the SoundCloud API


The previous implementation for accessing the SoundCloud API was based on some open source code that was buggy and outdated.


This part has been completely replaced with a custom implementation based on Emby primitives.


Just one example here: The previous plugin "forgot" to refresh access tokens to the SoundCloud API. Thus, personalized content was only available for a few hours (currently 6) after starting Emby and stopped working afterwards. Only way to get it working again was restarting Emby server....

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User Presentation


In the new PlugIn, every SoundCloud user is displayed as a folder containing several category folders:




  • Info item
    This is supposed to display information about the SoundCloud user as a MusicArtist page (probably won't work on some clients at the beginning but hopefully at a later time)
  • Tracks
    Displays a list of all tracks from that user
  • Playlists
    Displays a list of all playlists from that user
  • Favorites
    Displays a list of items marked as favorite by that users
  • Followers
    Displays a list of users that are following the current user
  • Following
    Displays a list of users the current user is following
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