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Hi there,


I'm a recent premiere lifetime member and am enjoying emby's various features for managing local media.


I currently use a separate WMC device to record and stream using Server WMC but:

- This process is VERY dodgy - with server WMC or the WMC machine itself regularly failing to change channels and requiring a restart

- The hardware is only recording SD as I only have an SD capture card

- I only watch news channels (not the full cable lineup)


I'd very much like to switch to an IP TV provider - (I'm in Singapore so there are no local providers that provide streaming links like this that I can turn into an emby channel using the IPTV plugin)


Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, high-speed IPTV provider - specifically that offers news channels?

I'm happy to pay for the service (although I already pay for cable TV as part of my internet package so I also have no issue finding direct streams - but have not found a reliable, fast, permanent stream link for my news channels.)

If nobody can recommend a proper service, How about just an automated way to update links to direct sites or mirrors?





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I am in the same position.. I have cable TV but the service is a mess


looking for a reliable IPTV service that I can setup on the media server..

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Emby for any IPTV service won't work well (no filtering).  It's nice to have, but without EPG guide, not very useful.


Kodi and IPTV on the other hand work very well together.  You can have a IPTV  and use an antenna for local channels (I have 2 antennas and used Server WMC)...and have a  common EPG.


I'm also very new to IPTV, as I really just want some of the 24 hour news channels...and my local TV provider has them all cable card protected.

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When you guys get up and running ,i got some nice logo's for iptv









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US TV Now works well and is legal. I pay for it (non dvr) plan and watch via Kodi plugin USTVNOW plus.


Originally, it didn't work in the US (only worked outside country for expays) and I used a VPN...but for 6 months it works in the us.


It doesn't natively support m3u so some translation/plugin would be needed. There used to be a python ustvnow to m3u converter but it stopped working a few months ago.


Has most major channels from east coat/upstate NY streams. Not free sports or anything illegal.


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