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Android app on Samsung Galaxy streaming to Chromecast - download & streams fills up phone


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A relative connecting to the server has told me that when he connects with the android app on a samsung Galaxy S5 (SMG900V) 2.6.46 and streams to his chromecast (2.1.0) it has horrible lag, and seems to be downloading the movie to his phone at the same time it is trying to stream it to the chromecast. 


this seems to be supported by the server showing he has 2 streams active, one of them transcoding and one direct play (phone).

After a bit, the phone complains of no available memory, and starts demanding he shut down things. Eventually the entire phone shuts down and he has to reboot it.


Attached is the server log.


**update - he found the movie in his gallery on his phone.. as a download, so that part seems to be confirmed. i have turned off media download/sync for his account to see if it changes things.


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Hi, the first thing I would do is have him update to the latest version of the android app, then if the issue persists, please tell us the exact procedure he is using to play the content. thanks.

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And it appears the update of the android app has fixed the problem. No, I walked him through it very specifically, he was starting the movie, then selecting to cast it. It was opening two streams, one to his phone for download, and one to the chromecast. 

Not doing that anymore, thank you for the assistance.

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