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Breeze Feature Request - MediaInfo Icons


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Hi there....been using Media Browser for sometime now but thought I'd join the forum, so I'm new here!


I have used Diamond theme ever since first installing MB some years ago.  I am very much a visual GUI guy and love things that look good, crisp, clean and professional looking.  Don't like tacky or cluttered, etc.


Anyway, thought I'd take a change and install the new Breeze plugin - very impressed I must say!  Well done and keep up the fantastic work guys!


One thing that I used to love about the Diamond Theme was the coloured MediaInfo Icons listed under the movie.  I have noticed with the Breeze theme that the only place these icons turn up are in the 'detail' view of a series.


I would love to see coloured MediaInfo Icons (like the ones listed @ http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/2087/mediainfo-icons) introduced into the actual detail page of each movie (like Diamond).  The good thing about that is that you can see visually straight away, which codecs are used, Audio details, Aspect ratios, HD type, etc right from the main page without having to go to the info tab.


It would also be nice to see these same MediaInfo icons added to the transparent tile up in the top left corner (in Thumb view) below all of the other detail (e.g. Genres, Directors, etc).  This way you can see visually without having to even enter a movie to get the details.  Even if you could manually configure what MediaInfo Icons you wanted to show there so that it doesn't stretch out the transparent tile to far due to many icons.  So for example, I could just show Aspect Ratio, HD Type (1080, 720, etc), Video and Audio types.


The theme is already visually stimulating, it would just be good to add that extra visual element rather than just a little word saying 1080 down the very bottom of the screen.

Anyway, I know everyone is different, but just thought I would add an idea.


Keep up the great work and very happy I have made the switch to Breeze - loving the clear art by the way!




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